Leila, Me and Puppy Daddy

I might be a little crazy but it’s all good right!  I am a diehard CanineMom to my amazing Lab Leila and Puppy Daddy as he is affectionately known.  I love working with Leila, we started training her the day we brought her home at 8 weeks old.  She is a quick learner and loves to work for treats, I mean who doesn’t’ right?  Leila is now 8 years old and will be 9 on March 1.  Leila and I have been through Obedience Training, Intermediate Agility Training and 3 years ago we were Certified for Therapy work.  We visit a home twice a month to entertain the residents and it has been an amazing journey.  Leila just loves people, more so than dogs, I am pretty sure she was a human in a past life.  I have always researched the best foods for her and the best ways I can keep toxins away from her to keep her healthy.  My essential oil journey has helped me do this.  I do a lot of research on supplements and alternative healing for her and myself, just trying to do the best for us as I can.  I love and can talk dog everything all day long, food, vaccines, heartworm, supplements and am always seeking new information to live cleaner in todays world.


I was born and raised in New York, met Puppy Daddy on-line over 20 years ago, had a long-distance relationship for a while then I moved to Michigan and well the rest is history. 


I love the outdoors, nature, the trees, the water.  Puppy Daddy and I both love to make stuff.  We have built 2 deer blinds together and this past summer demolished our old wood deck and installed composite decking (this was no small feat) but it is done now and beautiful.  Next up is a backyard shed to double as a wood working shop and then perhaps a tiny house!  We love to get out and enjoy the water in Michigan, fishing, swimming and playing on our paddle board with Leila.  We also love the woods and enjoy hunting as well.

Working on the new deck this past summer


I have a passion for all things natural, food, living and healing.  I was introduced to Oils over 4 years ago now and just love to share their uses and help others.  There is such an abundance to be had in sharing the things you love.  Follow me for great food, natural health tips, living well and just all things good.


I have always wanted to share Leila with others on line and she has made an appearance on you tube and plenty on Facebook but now I can share her love and craziness on the web too.  She totally should be famous, she knows a crazy about of tricks and is just so dang precious!

I hope you all love seeing her pics and antics as we do.  If you don’t have a dog and have wanted one, get one, don’t wait, they are the most amazing of God’s creatures and have so much love to share.